About PT. Greenwood Sejahtera, Tbk

PT. Greenwood Sejahtera, Tbk is a leading property development company based in Jakarta. Emporium Pluit, Senayan City, and TCC Batavia are some of our projects and subsidiaries' projects

PT Greenwood Sejahtera Tbk or the Company is a limited company domiciled at TCC Batavia Tower One Building 45th , Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 126, Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The Company was founded in the name of PT Greenwood Sejahtera, pursuant to Deed of Establishment No. 20 dated April 16, 1990 made by and before Hendra Karyadi, S.H., a Notary in Jakarta, such deed having been approved the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia pursuant to Decree Letter No. C2-5277.HT.01.01.TH’91 dated September 30, 1991, and having been registered in Registar Office of District Court of South Jakarta under No. No. 1135/Not/1991/PN.JAK. SEL dated November 26, 1991 and having been promulgated in BNRI No. 24 dated Maret 24, 1992, Additional BNRI No. 1276.

The business coverage of the Company is in the sector of construction and development, investment, trade, industry and transportation service. The main business of the Company is the real estate development. The Company started its commercial operation in 2010. Currently, the Company’s projects that under development is TCC Batavia as well as making investments in subsidiaries and associates.

In year 2008, the Shareholders acquired 100% of the Company’s shares. The Company also completed The Master Plan of its project, The City Center (TCC) Batavia Superblock located at Jakarta, Indonesia.

In year 2009, the Company did Ground Breaking ceremony for Office Tower One.

In year 2010, foundry of Office Tower One was completed and followed with the upper construction of structure.

In year 2011, the Company, in its investing activities, joining 7 subsidiary companies. Sales has increased to Rp 838 billion. An increase in Authorized Capital amounting to Rp 2.3 trillion, and increase in Paid Up Capital amounting to Rp 780 billion, through Initial Public Offering of the Company.

In year 2012, Topping Off of Office Tower One was held on February and Grand Opening of TCC Batavia Tower One was held on December

In year 2013, the Company awarded as one of the best companies in Indonesia according to Forbes Magazine Indonesia (Top 50 Best Companies Award).

In year 2014, the Company acquired PT Trisakti Makmur Persada and acquired land in Jakarta (JORR) and Surabaya. The Company also obtained an effective statement letter of the Continuous Bond I of Greenwood Sejahtera Phase 1 2014 from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) on December 31, 2014.

In year 2015, the admission of the Continuous Bond I of Greenwood Sejahtera Phase 1 2014 amounting to Rp 72 billion was received by the Company on January 14, 2015.

To be the leader in the property development industry through innovation and continuous improvement, to have the outstanding quality value of product with excellent service standard, able to maintain its profitability and to implement Good Corporate Governance.

To offer high quality and innovative products, valuable services with added values to all customers. To maintain profitability and optimum return on investment. To maximize the potential of employees taking into account the welfare and career development of employees. To expand projects as well as to create a better environment for the public according to the Company’s commitment.


PT. Trisakti Makmur Persada
Capital Square Surabaya
PT. Sentra Graha Kencana
Holiday Inn Express
PT. Prakarsa Nusa Cemerlang
The Peak Apartment Jakarta
PT. Pluit Propertindo
Emporium Pluit Mall
PT. Arah Sejahtera Abadi
Kuningan City
PT. Brilliant Sakti Persada
Festival City Link
PT. Citra Gemilang Nusantara
Lindeteves Trade Center
PT. Manggala Gelora Perkasa
Senayan City


To become the valuable asset for the Company to develop the investors’ trusts.

To be responsible for the interest of all stakeholders of the Company.

To provide the most outstanding result quality to satisfy the customers and clients.

To build partnership in a synergy to improve the performance of the Company.

To become a trusted partner in creating positive energy for sustainable development.




Board of Commissioner
Ang Andri Pribadi ,

President Commissioner
Member of the Board since 2013
Juanto Salim ,

MSc, PhD
Arie Kusumastuti Maria, SH, MKn ,
Independent Commissioner
Board of Directors
Paulus Indra Intan ,

President Director
Member of the Board since 2013
Dedy Ismunandar Soetiarto ,

MSc, PhD
Anita ,
Suherman Anggawinata ,
Director Independent